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These are links to other stuff on the web that I have found interesting, (1) about Ukraine and Russia(2) about a range of ideas relating to the site’s main themes, and (3) about some interesting books. And links to features and analysis on this site.

Ukraine and Russia

Readers interested in my view of Ukraine and Russia might also want to look at some of these links:

“Look far right, and look right again”, by Anton Shekhovtsov (Open Democracy), July 2014

A statement on the Odessa tragedy by the Autonomous Workers Union, May 2014

Volodymyr Ishchenko’s column on the Guardian web site

Left East. (You have to scroll down, or search, to find stuff about Ukraine.)

The Ukrainian Revolution & the Future of Social Movements, by the Crimethinc Workers’ Collective

“The main threat is capitalism” (interview with Volodymyr Ishchenko)

“The contradictions of Maidan” (interview with Denis of the AWU)

Statement of the Ukrainian left on “Borotba”

A New York Times article on irregulars in Slavyansk

Aggregations of stuff and web sites

Observer Ukraine

Jaroslav Koshiw’s site

Independent Socialist Network’s Ukraine crisis reader

Ukraine Activist (on facebook)

Earlier comment articles by People & Nature

Take sides with people, not with Putin

Yanukovich’s end is a beginning

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People and nature

To be honest, I haven’t put as many links here as I’d hoped to. But here they are …

Socialist ideas

Putting revolution back on the agenda – Mark Kosman, August 2011

Social Theory, Ideology Critique and Class Struggle – constitutional manifesto of Assoziation Dammerung, August 2011

Texts by the Institute for the Critical Study of Societies of Capital, including Nature, Capital, Communism and The Critique of Science

Socialism and feminism

‘Feminism is a Dirty Word’. What would Marx and Engels think today? by Camilla Power (Radical Anthropology Group), March 2013

Science and society

Reducing the Future to Climate: A Story of Climate Determinism and Reductionism – Mike Hulme, Osiris (26:1), pp. 245-266

Energy and society

Thoughts on Marxism and Energy (June 2014) from The Analogous City. A really good discussion of theoretical issues.


Energy alternatives: surveying the territory (Cornerhouse, May 2013). A thorough survey of the politics of the energy transition.

The heart of the matter – a debate between Theo Simon and George Monbiot on nuclear power. I think Theo sets out some important points here about the reasons for the anti-nuclear campaign.

The impact of climate change

The violence of climate change in Egypt, by Mike Minio Paluello, July 2014.


Flight from the land and food riots – Wildcat, spring 2011

The end of the road? Agricultural revolutions in the capitalist world-ecology, 1450-2010 – Jason W. Moore, Journal of Agrarian Change, July 2010

The world food crisis in historical perspective – Philip McMichael, Monthly Review, July 2009

The economic and financial crisis

Report from Greece – George Caffentzis, August 2012

Sovereign debt and the crisis in the Eurozone – Junge Linke, March 2012

Kaput: workshops on capitalism for anti-capitalists

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Books and book reviews

Approaches to people and nature

Chris Williams, Ecology and Socialism: solutions to capitalist ecological crisis (Haymarket Press, 2010), is reviewed by Derek Wall here. There is information from the author here.

Science and society

Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw, The Quantum Universe (2011), is reviewed here by Paula Cerni. Massimo Pigliucci, Nonsense on Stilts: How to Tell Science from Bunk (University of Chicago Press, 2010), is reviewed here by Paula Cerni. James Hansen, Storms of My Grandchildren: the truth about the coming climate catastrophe and our last chance to save humanity (London, Bloomsbury, 2009), is reviewed on this site here.

Social movements

Paul Mason, Why It’s Kicking off Everywhere: the New Global Revolutions (London, Verso, 2012) is reviewed by Mark Kosman here.  Cliff Slaughter, Bonfire of the Certainties: the second human revolution (Lulu e-book, 2012). Publishers’ information and link to buy this book here.

Anthropology and history

David Graeber, Debt: The First 5000 Years (London, Melville House, 2011) is reviewed by bloggers here and here. Jared Diamond, The World Until Yesterday: what can we learn from traditional societies? (Allen Lane, 2013). There is a broadly favourable review by Chris Knight in the Times Higher Educational Supplement here and a more critical one by Wade Davis in the Guardian here. Patricia A. McAnany and Norman Yoffee, Questioning Collapse: human resilience, ecological vulnerability and the aftermath of empire (Cambridge University Press, 2010) – a response by a group of anthropologists and archaeologists to Collapse by Jared Diamond – is reviewed here by Alex Golub of the University of Hawaii, and there is a site offering information about the book here.

Energy and society

John-Andrew McNeish and Owen Logan (editors), Flammable Societies: Studies on the Socio-economics of Oil and Gas (Pluto Press, 2012). Information here. Greg Muttitt, Fuel on the Fire: Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq (Bodley Head, 2011). Information here. Kolya Abramsky (editor), Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution: social struggles in the transition to a post-petrol world (AK Press, 2010). Information here, and a review on this site here.


Tony Weis, The Global Food Economy: the battle for the future of farming (London, Zed Books, 2007) is reviewed here in the New Agriculturalist.

The countryside

John Green, Wings Over the Valley – a Birdwatcher’s Wales Diary (Artery Publications, 2010). On Amazon here. John Green, Afon Ystwyth: the Story of a River (Artery Publications, 2006). On Amazon here.

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Features, analysis and archive on this site


An article setting out the starting-point for this site

People and Nature: towards a socialist approach, by Gabriel Levy (September 2011)

Other People & Nature articles

The trouble with “economic growth”, by Gabriel Levy (August 2012)

Natural limits, sustainability and socialism, by Gabriel Levy (August 2012)

Human madness in an inhuman society, by Steve Drury (March 2012)

No. Morals really are not written in our genes, by Steve Drury (July 2013) (see also part 2 and part 3)

Articles from friends

Iran: sedition, revolt, revolution and social disintegration. Interview with Torab Saleth (March 2018)

Ecological servitude: introduction

Global warming in the Indian context, a pamphlet by Nagraj Adve

North Sea oil workers’ history

The North Sea 1: the reaction to Piper Alpha (also see part 2 and part 3)

The North Sea 4: the Blowout archive

Material for campaign in support of Kazakh oil workers

Kazakh oil workers – an index page

Zhanaozen: worker organisation and repression (December 2013)

Archive/ historical articles

Accuser of capitalism: John Maclean’s speech from the dock, 9 May 1918. (Introduction, the speech from the dock, and Afterword)

The human species and the earth’s crust, by Amadeo Bordiga (1952)
Plus notes about Amadeo Bordiga

Nuclear power: the rigged debate. By the BSSRS Politics of Energy group (1981)

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