Hello. My name is Simon Pirani. I write here about the climate and ecological crisis; energy and energy workers; science, technology and society; history; and other things. The site also has articles by guest authors, interviews, reviews and pamphlets.

From 2011 until February 2021, I was writing here under a pseudonym, Gabriel Levy. I am no longer doing so.

I am an energy researcher and historian. My book, Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption (Pluto Press, 2018) is relevant to some themes on this site. You will find other things I have written at simonpirani.com.

People & Nature articles have been republished by the EcologistOpen DemocracyRed PepperLibcomThe Pensive QuillRS21London Green LeftClimate and Capitalism and elsewhere. My writing on Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan has appeared in LeftEastThe Russian Reader and Russian- and Ukrainian-language sites including OpenLeftCommons.ua and Nihilist.

People & Nature is not really a news or campaigning site – but I have featured campaigns such as solidarity with Kazakh oil workersUkrainian trade unionists and victims of political repression in Russia.

For more, see People & Nature greatest hits of the 2010s, and for even more, the (entire) site contents.

Comments, correspondence and guest posts welcome.

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Note. As of November 2020 facebook is blocking links to People & Nature. I have protested, and so have many friends, to no avail so far. Please keep in touch through other media.



Republishing stuff

You may republish People & Nature articles wherever you like. Please include a link to the original.

The “my front room” comment policy

The site is a space both public and personal, like my front room. Please treat the comments sections accordingly. They are not a street corner to insult people on; a lecture theatre to pontificate in; or Wetherspoon’s for an incoherent grumble. Just have a nice conversation, please. Climate science deniers, creationists and similar, take it elsewhere. I run the site on a near-zero budget, and do other things too – so if I am not at my computer, it may take me time to approve comments. Comments that don’t conform to this policy are deleted.

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