Solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance. Six questions

People & Nature today publishes a discussion article about the Ukrainian resistance and international solidarity with it, here. It is structured around these six questions. Please read and share.

1. What does the “national question” mean, if anything, in the 21st century, and specifically with respect to the “Maidan revolution”?

2. What is the character of Russian imperialism, and of the Russian political elite around Putin?

3. What has been the character of the Russian wars of the 21st century, and of the forces against which Russia has fought? What is the character of Ukraine’s defensive war now?

4. What is the place of this war in the crisis of capital internationally?

5. How do we understand the danger of a wider war, arising e.g. from the western powers’ involvement in the conflict?

6. What to do?

To read more, go here.

London, 26 February. Photo by Steve Eason

One Response to Solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance. Six questions

  1. ekparis says:

    “If I lived in Greece, I would try to convince those rail workers to change their decision. Whatever their intentions, blocking these arms at this point would have an effect similar to blocking arms supplied by the Allied imperialists to the Greek resistance in the 1940s.”

    First of all, the Allied imperialists had never sent arms to the left-wing Greek Popular Army (ELAS). They had just sent plane cargos of left foot only boots.
    Secondly, the parallel is misguiding. Whatever the imperialists might have sent was to be delivered to a Stalinist-led but mass working-class movement and not to a capitalist government seeking its position in the imperialist chain, as is the case with the Ukrainian one.

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