To remember is to fight!

Antifascists in Moscow will tomorrow (19 January) lay flowers at the place where on that day in 2009 the antifascists Anastasia Baburova and Stanislav Markelov were assassinated. A facebook post by the organisers said:

19 January 2021 is a day of memory and of struggle. On that day at 7.0pm we will lay flowers at the place where Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova died.

The Moscow mayor refuses to permit the traditional rally on the anniversary of Stas and Nastya’s death, due to coronavirus restrictions. A gathering to remember the

"Stop political murders. To remember is to fight!"

“Stop political murders. To remember is to fight!”

journalist [Baburova] and lawyer [Markelov] who died at the Nazis’ hands has been held every year for 12 years and has brought together people of many different views. The 19 January Committee declares:

Political repression and murder not only continue in our country but have gone into overdrive. Today their source, more and more often, is not the Nazis but the state.

Repression is unleashed on organisations who defend citizens’ rights from police terror and domestic violence, environmental groups and those opposed to property developments, human rights activists, and just people who have dared to stand up to the powers that be. Some are declared to be “foreign agents”; others have criminal cases fabricated against them; and still others find that unbearable conditions for living and working are imposed on them.

For many years events on 19 January went under the slogan “to remember is to fight!” Today our responsibility is to make a stand against terror by the state against its citizens.

The slogan of the Spanish antifascist movement, “no pasarán” [“they will not pass”] – under which the Spanish people opposed the fascist Franco regime – has been passed on to us.

A letter in defence of Azat Miftakhov, political prisoners and maths student

■ Reports of previous 19 January demonstrations in St Petersburg, London and Kyiv.

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