People and Nature greatest hits of the 2010s

I hope, dear readers, you get time for reflection, rejuvenation and relaxation in the midwinter holidays. If you find yourself reaching for your phone for something to read – then, rather than winding yourself up with news of Boris Johnson’s vileness, go a level more thoughtful: look at those People & Nature articles you missed out on first time round. Here is some stuff that has stood the test of time. Thanks for your interest, and see you all (virtually or really) in the 2020s. GL, 23 December 2019.

Climate and ecological emergency

Disaster environmentalism: looking the future in the face (5 December 2019). A critique of Rupert Read, Jem Bendell and other writers linked to Extinction Rebellion

Climate grief, climate anger (25 June 2019). How different global warming looks to young people

What does “climate emergency” mean? Let’s define that OUTSIDE parliament (2 May 2019)

Still bigger mountains of plastic on the way (March 2018). The petrochemicals companies are driving it

Global warming in the Indian context (June 2016). A pamphlet by Indian climate campaigner Nagraj Adve

Let’s face it. Melting ice has passed point of no return (23 November 2015)

The Paris climate talks and the failure of states (February 2015)

Stop tailoring global warming scenarios to make them “politically palatable” (July 2013). An interview with Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research

A Galileo for Our Time (June 2011). Review of Storms of My Grandchildren, by the climate scientist James Hansen

Science, technology and society

Climate scientists are people too (19 November 2019). About a London conference on climate change

I have seen the techno-future and I’m not so sure it works (4 April 2016). A response to Postcapitalism by Paul Mason

‘The instrument of labour strikes down the labourer.’ Marx on machinery is worth reading (June 2015). A response to a guest post by Ned Ludd on socialism and ecology

A radical critique of science: writing the next chapter (April 2015). A conference looking back at the radical science initiatives of the 1970s

We’re all Luddites now (August 2013). Some thoughts on socialism and technology

Energy and energy workers

North Sea oil and gas: the elephant in the room (4 October 2019). Neil Rothnie on the need for a just transition away from UK oil production

Making decentralised electricity work for all of us (30 September 2019)

Moving the trade unions past fossil fuels (August 2017). An interview with trade union researcher Samantha Mason

Break the silence on Azerbaijan oil workers’ deaths (4 August 2016). Supporting the Oil Workers Rights Protection Organisation on industrial accidents

Kazakhstan. A young mother grieves, Tony Blair cashes in (20 April 2016). The aftermath of the 2011 massacre of oil workers at Zhanaozen

Zhanaozen: worker organisation and repression (December 2013). The story of the oil workers’ strike of 2011, the biggest workers’ revolt ever in Kazakhstan, the police massacre of demonstrators that ended it, and what followed

The North Sea: the reaction to Piper Alpha (May 2013). The Piper Alpha disaster of 1988 in which 167 oil workers died; the wave of rank-and-file organisation that followed. An interview with Neil Rothnie

No Dash For Gas: We climbed those chimneys to kick-start protest and debate (March 2013). Interview with Ewa Jasiewicz about direct action against the fossil fuel industry

Coalfield paradoxes (July 2011). The Durham miners’ gala gathers tens of thousands, years after the last pit closed. Why?


“Russia’s ‘anti-fascist’ fascism is not an exotic far-away reality.” It’s here (20 January 2019). London action in solidarity with arrested Russian anti-fascists

“Electric shock is our way of doing things” (31 December 2018). Russian state torture of anti-fascists

Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate (14 May 2018). A play based on the great novel about Stalinism and war

The Death of Stalin is a riot. (21 November 2017). Film review

The spectre of social unrest is haunting Putin’s Russia (December 2014)


Ukraine: “we need new ways of organising”. (4 August 2017) Interview with Pavel Lisyansky, a grass-roots worker organiser in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine: Russian White Guards in the Donbass (5 July 2014). Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski on the Russian fascists and their “left” supporters

‘Libertarian in spirit’: the left and Maidan (16 June 2014) Kirill Buketov on workers’ organisation in the 2014 uprising

Darkness in May. A socialist eye-witness in Odessa (5 May 2014). How division and nationalism led to tragedy

Ukrainians, Russians and Europeans against Putin’s war (March 2014). Reactions to the Russian annexation of Crimea

Ukraine: Yanukovich’s end is a beginning (February 2014). Q&A on the Maidan uprising. People & Nature’s most-viewed article


Starting to understand the Syrian tragedy (August 2018) A review of Impossible Revolution by the Syrian Marxist Yassin al-Haj Saleh

The “anti-imperialism” of idiots (15 April 2018) Leila al-Shami on western leftists and the Syrian tragedy

“Tyrants across the world now know they can maintain power through mass slaughter” (16 December 2016) An interview with Leila al-Shami, writer on Syria and co-author of Burning Country

The UK

Confronting the agents of capital: a Corbynista’s dilemma (19 December 2019). John Graham Davies looks back at the election defeat

Zealots and ditherers (15 August 2019). The Tory party’s crisis

From resisting property developers to making ecosocialist strategy (21 December 2017) Gordon Peters draws lessons from defying the building moguls

Scotland: We encourage everyone to speak, even if their voice shakes (3 April 2017) Cathy Milligan on grass-roots organising in Glasgow

What would Corbyn do? (20 June 2017). Thoughts on the 2017 election

After the referendum: what we can do (25 June 2016) Ewa Jasiewicz on Brexit

Social and labour movements

“You’re not a worker, you’re just a pair of hands.” (February 2019) How Leeds women workers struck back in 1970, by Liz Leicester

Iran: sedition, revolt, revolution and social disintegration (March 2018) Interview with the Iranian socialist Torab Saleth

China: collective resistance against iSlavery (October 2017)

Wear the white poppy with pride (21 September 2015)

We need Zizek’s “Thatcher of the left” like a fish needs a bicycle (April 2013)

Taranto community refuses false choice “health vs jobs” (October 2012). How an Italian steel town said no to pollution and job cuts

Histories, thoughts and theories

Reading Marx on ecology: “capitalism generates an unrepairable physical rift”. (December 2019) Barbara Harriss-White discusses Kohei Saito’s book Marx’s Eco-socialism

Argentina 1976-1981: Theatre Against Dictatorship (March 2019) Marta Cocco tells the story of a clandestine theatre group

Desperately seeking socialism (18 June 2018)  The political history of the Soviet dissidents: a discussion with Gabriel Levy and Ilya Budraitskis

The Earth and us: ways of seeing (February 2018). Review of The Shock of the Anthropocene by Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz

How neo-liberalism used the “limits to growth” (November 2015). Interview with Sarah Nelson on the politics of environmentalism

How the Paris communards made their lives luxurious (July 2015). Interview with Kristin Ross, author of Communal Luxury: the political imaginary of the Paris Commune

The ideologue who tried to make environmentalism mean population control (July 2014) On Paul Ehrlich and neo-Malthusianism

No. Morals really are not written into our genes (July 2013). Steve Drury challenged the paleontologist Christopher Boehm – and in The Revolution That Worked, Chris Knight responded to Drury

Human “madness” in an inhuman society (March 2012). Steve Drury on genetics, paleontology and psychology

Accuser of capitalism: John Maclean’s speech from the dock, 9 May 1918. The Scottish revolutionary who opposed the first world war – a People & Nature pamphlet

The human species and the earth’s crust, by Amadeo Bordiga (1952). An early Marxist writer on ecology

People and Nature: towards a socialist approach, by Gabriel Levy (September 2011). The way I saw socialism and ecology when I started this blog

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