“Where the fuck is the government?” ask the climate strikers

About 2000 school students marched through London today, marking the latest “Fridays for Future” strike. The demonstration was just one of a huge number internationally. You can see the giant crowds in cities across Asia, Africa and Europe at #Climatestrike or #Fridaysforfuture on twitter.

In London, “Where the fuck is the government?” was a popular slogan. Possibly because the prime minister, Boris Johnson, chickened out of the first ever televised debate between

The front of the students’ march in London today

political party leaders on climate change on Wednesday – and then had his Tory party friends threaten Channel 4, who staged it, with losing its licence.

The marchers also shouted “climate justice”, “Whose streets? Our streets. Whose planet? Our planet” and “fuck Boris”. The brilliant placards in the photos speak for themselves. GL, 29 November 2019.

I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees. And the trees say FUCK OFF

A climate election is coming up

At City Hall near London Bridge, protesting against the Silvertown tunnel project

Extinction Rebellion, at Oxford Circus, greeting the school students

Yo mama’s so hot she’s experiencing desertification and rising sea levels

2 Responses to “Where the fuck is the government?” ask the climate strikers

  1. Murray Reiss says:

    A Climate Action Performance Poem for Black Friday — http://youtu.be/lrSUBPmi92U

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