Rio+20: the pitch for global commodification

July 6, 2012

Nothing even resembling binding agreements, pledges or treaties connected with the Earth’s environmental plight emerged from the Rio+20 Earth Summit – just a “declaration” from the vast bureaucracy that wasn’t even discussed, STEVE DRURY writes.

What we are left with is the idea of “green economics”, which amounts to the commodification of natural resources.

There were 45,000 people at the Summit, held on 20-22 June – the 20th anniversary of the original Earth Summit in 1992 – but they included very few Read the rest of this entry »

Nothing safe about these landscapes transformed by oil

July 1, 2012

Edward Burtynsky’s breathtaking large-scale photographs, of landscapes from California to Baku being transformed by the oil industry, were featured at the Burtynsky: OIL exhibition, which ends at the new Photographers’ Gallery in London this weekend, writes guest reviewer CHRIS CORRIGAN.

You can view some of Burtynsky’s oil photographs on his website here (and read more about him here). And if you missed the Photographers’ Gallery show, that’s a shame – but Read the rest of this entry »

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